Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a solution that allows companies to hire an external firm to help them find and attract top talent more efficiently and cost-effectively. By outsourcing their recruitment functions, businesses can lighten the workload of their internal HR department, giving them the opportunity to focus on other important tasks like employee development and retention. RPO providers offer different engagement models to meet the specific needs of their clients, including Full RPO, Role-based RPO, and On-Demand RPO.

In the Full RPO model, the RPO provider takes complete responsibility for the entire recruitment process within the company. This includes accessing their own resources and tools to attract and identify suitable candidates. With the

Role-based RPO model, the RPO provider is exclusively in charge of a particular department or division within the company, such as the marketing department or the sales division. This allows for a more focused and specialized approach to recruiting for that specific area.

On the other hand, the On-Demand RPO model is a contract-based arrangement with a specific end date. It is commonly used when there is a need to hire a certain number of employees within a defined timeframe, such as hiring three managers and 75 customer support specialists before the end of the next quarter.

We at Recrula, offer a unique and innovative FLexRPO solution. This solution combines the benefits of Role-based and On-Demand RPO, providing clients with a flexible and tailored approach to their recruitment needs. Recrula leverages AI technology and a global network of recruiters to quickly source and identify the right candidates for the job. Their advanced platform provides clients with insights into each step of the recruitment process, giving them valuable information to make informed decisions. It is important to note that while Recrula does not make the final hiring decisions to ensure compliance with local regulations, they offer comprehensive support throughout the entire hiring process and ensure that all records are properly archived for future reference.

Overall, Recruitment Process Outsourcing offers companies the opportunity to streamline their recruitment efforts, maximize efficiency, and reduce costs. With the help of RPO providers like Recrula, businesses can focus on their core tasks while leaving the recruitment process in the hands of experts.


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